Slavery Remastered: 21st c. Mashups of Master/Slave Dialectics

Al-Yasha Williams

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Spelman College

Wednesday, September 24th, 4:15pm

Location: Walter Massey Leadership Bldg, Rm. 450, Morehouse Campus

Women on Fanon: A Roundtable Discussion

Deepika Bahri

Associate Professor of English, Emory University

Stephane Dunn

Associate Professor of English, Morehouse College

Valerie Loichot

Professor of French and English, Emory University

Anastasia Valecce

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Spelman College

Friday, October 24th, 4:15pm

Location: Cosby Auditorium, Spelman College

‘Emancipation From Below’: The African-American Freedom Struggle During the US Civil War

David Roediger

Foundation Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History, University of Kansas

Thursday, February 19th, 4:00pm

Location: Wheeler Hall, 214-F, Morehouse Campus

Playing Politics: Drum or Fiddle?

Preston King

Distinguished Professor and Scholar-in-Residence, Leadership Center, Morehouse College

Wednesday, March 18th, 4:00pm

Location: African American Hall of Fame, Morehouse Campus

Sovereignty: A Roundtable Discussion

Gregory Hall

Professor of Political Science, Morehouse College

Hashim Gibrill

Associate Professor of Political Science, Clark Atlanta University

Fatemeh Shafiei

Associate Professor of Political Science, Spelman College

Unislawa Williams

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Spelman College

Wednesday, April 22nd, 4:00pm

Location: African American Hall of Fame, Morehouse College

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