Mission Statement


Every socio-political system, in its actions and interactions, is constituted and sustained by rules, laws and norms, on the one hand abstract and general, on the other practical and concrete.  These rules, laws and norms demand ethical consideration, both diagnostic and prescriptive, as grounded in fact and logic, but ultimately reducible to neither.  SOPHIA dialogues are designed to accommodate such research and reflection across all disciplines: political science, international relations, philosophy, sociology, theology, literary studies, leadership studies, economics, law, etc.  Initiated by Morehouse and Spelman, managed by a small but flexible committee (that may add to its membership as appropriate), SOPHIA is an Atlanta-wide consortium that welcomes the cooperation of (mostly) Atlanta-based tertiary institutions.  SOPHIA, concerned with philosophical justification or initiation of policy, seeks to attract the interest of policy-makers in such professions as law, politics, and medicine.  The series schedules a minimum of three/four meetings annually and meets at different venues in the city.

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

    1. Preston King

      Fantastic job. Excellent idea. Deafening applause for the webmaster. Refreshing to see bright and vigorous faculty demolishing the intellectual walls that so sharply separate the various hillocks of Atlanta. Is your trajectory Trans-Atlanta to Trans-Atlantic to Mondialiste? Whatever: CONGRATULATIONS! — Preston King

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